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  • How do I use my Poof! Patch?
    It is as easy as peel, stick and Poof! Make sure the area where you will apply the patch is clean and dry. Then choose your favorite patch and place it on the blemish. Firmly hold for 10 seconds allowing the patch to warm and bond with your skin. When you are ready, gently peel the patch off to remove it.
  • Why is it called Poof! Patch?
    As soon as your patch is applied the blemish is covered, protected and like magic..Poof! it is super cute and no longer a visually raised painful red bump, bite, cut or dark spot. The hydrocolloid patch and calendula speed healing making the patches more magical.
  • What do the patches do?
    These patches where originally designed to help ingrown hairs wherever they may be on the body. Examples: bikini zone, bum, neck and back where the hair has trouble exiting the skin properly. They cover and protect these often painful eruptions. Poof! Patches will also help heal bites, burns, small cuts & abrasions. The hydrocolloid patch provides a watertight seal keeping bacteria out and protection from friction. Hydrocolloid pulls moisture from the wound and aids in the healing process. The single added ingredient of the calendula flower is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and is known to soothe skin irritations as well as speed up the healing process.
  • What are they made of?
    A waterproof hydrocolloid patch with one single ingredient, calendula. Hydrocolloid patches are moisture absorbing and help the skin heal from the inside out. It helps provide a sterile environment while improving blemishes on moist body part that are typically hard to protect. Calendula (or marigold) is antimicrobial and helps with scar reduction from wounds and incisions.
  • Are they waterproof?
    Yes the Poof Patch is waterproof is long as you clean and throughly dry the area you are treating. Then apply the patch and firmly hold for 10 seconds allowing the patch to warm and bond with your skin. Should your patch come off … lets say after scrubbing in the shower, you can dry it and reapply, often with great success.
  • May I use more than one Poof! Patch at a time?
    Yes. Please get creative! You can use 2 or more at a time to create a cool effect. A few butterflies flying up from a plunging neck line is surprising and beautiful. Or try a big moon with little moons on your neck to get a tattoo look. The small bling eyed kitties on your fingers instead of rings is one of our favorite looks.
  • Are there other uses for the Poof! Patch?
    The larger patches are ideal for covering oncology ports. They camouflage the port as well as reduce the scar created by having a port or a port removed. If you use a larger patch and smaller ones you can decorate this odd shaped life saving medical device under the skin.
  • How long do I leave it on?
    You can safely leave your Poof Patch on as long as like. A general guide line is 24 hours to see a reduction in inflammation. 2 days to see real healing and 3 days should bring remarkable results. :)
  • Is there anywhere that my Poof! Patch shouldn't go?
    Poof! Patches are safe to use skin all over your body! Our patches are intended for external use only.
  • Is this safe to use on my children?
    Our patches are very safe for children. Calendula is often recommended for diaper rash as it is so gentle and effective. If adults or children suffer from allergies due to ragweed or marigold pollens we recommend a patch test. Place a patch on the inside of an ankle or inner arm for a hour. If you are treating a bug bite, try to be sure if it is the bug or the patch that is causing the reaction.
  • Can I use these if I have sensitive skin?
    Our patches are meant to be gentle and soothing, but if you are prone to allergies from ragweed or marigold pollens it would be wise to conduct a patch test by putting a path on the inside of your ankle or arm for a little while.
  • Why are there extra rhinestones in my Poof! packet?
    Extra rhinestones are added to enhance the decorating options. You can use them around your patch or patches to create more bling and sparkle.


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